Dear Those Who share my interests, 

This website is only partly my portfolio.

It is also the offer dedicated to all who appreciate my works.

It includes all the techniques presented below, so:

  • interior decoration,
  • painting - glass painting, ceramic painting,fabric painting, wall painting,
  •                      easel painting,

  • artistic resin floors, 
  • interior design,
  • artistic mosaicsglass of 'smalti' glass,
  •                                            as well as stained glass mosaic.
                                  - stone (including copies of ancient mosaics),

  • drawing,  
  • decoupage,
  • furniture decoration.

I create custom - made pieces of work tailored to the clients preferences, but it is possible to use the patterns and designs shown on the website, too.

Yours sincerely.

Ewa Mielczarek  

Please contact me at:




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